Your smile says more about who you are than you might think. In fact, your personality radiates each time the corners of your lips curve upward (or downward), and what you do to maintain that smile is one of the most important investments you’ll make. The last thing you want is regret for not consulting a cosmetic dentist about unwanted gaps. Tooth gaps (or diastemia) can develop due to one

Everyone who has gone to the dentist at least once in their lives has been told by their dentist that they need to floss once a day, every day. You hear this advice a lot when you’re younger, and it eventually becomes a part of your nightly routine when you’re an adult. But do you actually have to do it? Do you actually have to floss once a day, every

Traveling abroad for medical and dental treatments is a 21st century trend that has really caught on among many Americans, particularly those who live close to the southern border. On any given day, hundreds of patients cross the border into Mexico to get dental work done, and the vast majority of them do so to save money on cosmetic dentistry procedures. In February 2016, a Fox TV network affiliate in

“You have a beautiful smile.” hear this all of the time? However, do you see that these people couldn’t quite look you in the eye when they said it. Pictures were brutally honest, too. Yes, your teeth were straight and white. Your dental health was great. The problem wasn’t even your teeth… it was my excessive amount of gum tissue. When you smile, it seemed that your teeth were out-shined by your gums? Luckily,

Your dental health is our pride and our business. Your premier, cosmetic dentist Scottsdale, Studio B Smiles is also proud to be your go-to source for all kinds of dental information. In today’s blog, we discuss how keeping your mouth clean is a little bit different after getting veneers put in. Veneers are some of the best options in today’s smile makeovers. Their longevity and appearance make them a top